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Alternative products for pain relief and cancer prevention,improve your health

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Protandum Suuplement..



Protandim 30 caplets

Product Details 

Lifevangtage anti aging creme True Science




  $600 minimat,Single $2700.00,Queen $3400, King $4100

to order biomat or call 561-848-7118

Product Details 
The Alkal-Life $2000.00

also try www.jusuru.com/kwright

jusuru bottle

alternative supplements www.amazonherb.net  call 561-848-7118 for orders

Calming and Stress-Relief Pack


  • Calmazon™ (90 liquizons)
  • Pure Camu™ (30 freshpacks)
  • Sumacazon™ (90 liquizons)

and other products

also www.mpstherapy.com for no needle acupunture and trigger point,myofacial release,faster results...for hard to treat ailements

First, in acupuncture and trigger point therapy, the insertion of needles has been scientifically proven to stimulate the release of powerful internal opiates called endorphins. These natural pain relievers are secreted from the pituitary and are circulated throughout your body via your blood stream. Not only are endorphins the most powerful pain relievers known to mankind, they enhance the immune system, reduce stress and produce a feeling of euphoria (endorphins are your feel-good hormones).


Science has long known that a special form of low frequency DC electrical stimulation applied to these same points can reproduce the endorphin response just as in traditional needling. The MPStherapy is the ONLY hand held device on the market that duplicates these parameters. So the first reason why the MPStherapy works so well for pain relief is that it taps into our body's own internal pain

ETPS is now called MPS therapy

ETPS Microcurrent (Electro Therapeutic Point Stimulation) was developed by Bruce Hocking, acupuncturist - Toronto, Canada. Bruce pioneered the use of microcurrent and developed a system of using it for treating acupuncture points.

It is an effective, quick, inexpensive and portable method for releasing tightness and ETPS machinetenderness in points (acupuncture, trigger, motor) or adhesions that greatly enhances effectiveness of acupuncture or massage

What Is ETPS? An ETPS unit is a microcurrent electrical stimulator and point finder. It is designed for use directly on the skin, not through wires connected to acupuncture needles. The probe is built into the machine and has a tip the size of a ball point pen. The electrical output of the device consists of square waveform, monophasic pulsed DC stimulation. A 9-Volt battery powers the device.

Differences Between ETPS and Other Microcurrent Machines ETPS is much simpler and more basic with only 1 frequency setting. The treatment probe tip is the size of a ball point pen, while other machines use a larger probe, pads, gloves or attachments to needles. ETPS is much smaller and can fit in a pocket. The cost is also 5-10% of what other units can cost.

Advantages of ETPS The type of current and small size of the probe give ETPS a unique advantage over other microcurrent machines: it is able to release tightness in points extremely quickly (often in 5-20 seconds) and the low cost, makes it affordable for patients to use on themselves for supportive treatment.

ETPS Provides an Additional Diagnostic Screen After an MPT treatment with ETPS, both practitioner and patient can tell which points are more reactive (stronger treatment sensations) and the most difficult to release.
Frequently, there will be immediate improvement in range of motion and reduction in pain.
The patient is able to immediately assess the effectiveness of each stage of treatment. This allows the practitioner to determine the structural root cause of the condition. Treatment with acupuncture and future treatment with MPT can then be targeted toward the needed areas.

ETPS Provides Additional Treatment Options You can treat multiple points in an area; many more than with acupuncture needles. Several depths of tightness and multiple angles or vectors can be released in one treatment.

Better Use of Acupuncture Using MPT in conjunction with acupuncture can achieve greater release with fewer needles since many of the points have been sufficiently released with MPT and don’t need acupuncture.  The points that you choose to needle have been considerably released by the ETPS so the acupuncture is able to release a deeper layer than would have been possible with acupuncture alone. This can allow for the additional needles that would have been used for the basic treatment to be used instead to treat underlying imbalances.

MPT Treats Places Where Acupuncture Needles Are Uncomfortable Scalp points and cranial sutures, points around eyes in orbit: B1, B2, etc., points near blood vessels: St 9, St 10, Jing-well points on tips of fingers and toes, points on palms and soles: L 10, P 8, K 1, etc.  As well as scars and face points for Cosmetic acupuncture – facelifts. MPT Also Treats Patient Groups Uncomfortable With Acupuncture Needles: pediatrics – children and babies, needle phobic patients and sensitive patients. 



also www.pureenergyband.com call 561-848-7118 for orders

Pure Energy Bands use a new technology based upon the combination of energetic and informational frequency balancing. This technology communicates with the meridians of the body which may provide a variety of health benefits.

Flex Black with White Flex Black with Yellow Flex Camouflage
Flex Black with White Flex Black with Yellow Flex Camouflage




detox and release carcinogines and heavy metals out of the body while soaking in salt water solution, ph the body.


Energy Balancing System Home Page

Also www.gaiahh.com only portable far infrared wand treatment available..


I also offer Kiniseology combining eastern and western muscle testing and combine mind body and spiritual healing.

Emotional somatic relationship..which relieve anxiety,phobias,fears,fantasies,phantasms
Keelee Wright

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